Crash Test


Just had a head on collision with a car after the driver pulled out without looking. Managed to brake heavily before I hit, so only damage was a grazed elbow. Think he was quite surprised to suddenly have a cyclist clambering over the bonnet.

The Brompton was fine and I rode the rest of the way home, so I think it’s fair to say that they still build them like they used to.

Diary of a first time Bromptonaut: Day 9

A second day riding in the rain, this time a lot heavier than the night before. I waited as long as I could for it to stop but it was coming down persistently, so out I went. I fitted the rain cover over the C Bag, which I can only describe as giant florescent prophylactic, but it did it’s job and kept things dry.

I had planned to cycle the 2.5 miles from Baker Street to Grays Inn Road near Kings Cross, but looking out of the window as the train arrived it was still bucketing down, so I made a quick change onto the Circle line to get to Kings Cross.

Thankfully by the time I got out of the station at Kings Cross the rain had relented somewhat so it was only a short drizzly ride up to the National Union of Journalists. Once inside I folded up the Brompton and took it into the meeting.

People remarked how neat it was folded up, tried lifting it and asked what it was like carrying around on the underground. I explained I hadn’t really taken it on the tube properly yet, usually I get the train to Euston or Baker Street and then cycle the rest of the way from there. It often works out quicker that way, certainly getting most places in Zone 1.

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Diary of a first time Bromptonaut: Day 8

Tonight was my first trip on the Brompton in the rain, albeit a very light one. My old mountain bike didn’t have any mudguards so you had to try and keep the front wheel in line with the frame as much as possible or get a face full of dirt as you picked up speed. So having the little mudguards was a bit of a luxury.

It was also the first time I’d gone for a ride without the C Bag attached to the front, which made me realise quite how heavy it can make the handling, even with a light load. Nipping through traffic and undertaking at lights was even easier.

A short ride later and I was at my parents house for dinner, they were both impressed at how small it folded when I arrived, but not so impressed with how heavy it was when they tried to pick it up. There were also some gasps of ‘How much??’ when I told them how much it cost.

After dinner my mum took it out for a short ride up the road and liked it straight away. She occasionally rides a full size bike but said she would much prefer something little like the Brompton to potter about town on.

She asked if she could borrow it when I next went away, but I told her I was planning on taking it with me, so I might have to keep an eye out for her trying to ‘borrow’ it for a bit longer next time.